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Mueller Thumb Stabilizer
MPN: 62712
Mueller Thumb Stabilizer
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  • Helps support and limit the motion of the thumb (Metacarpophalangeal or MCP Joint).
  • Allows for full finger movement.
  • Provides warmth to the thumb area and joint.
  • Ideal for use on soft tissue injuries, ligament strains, gamekeeper's thumb, osteoarthritis, and degenerative joint disease.
  • Protected by the AEGIS Microbe Shield, which controls or eliminates odors, unsightly stains, and product deterioration caused by the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.
  • Latex Free.
  • Breathable fabrics for extended wear.
  • Two stays provide MAXIMUM support.
  • Three adjustable straps for custom fit.
  • Adjustable - One size fits left or right.
  • FSA Eligible.
  • Measure around wrist: (5.5-10.5").
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Customer Reviews
review 44 Review(s)
Mueller Thumb Stabilizer
  Unit does the job correctly.
  Reviewed by: from Brooklyn, NY. on 1/19/2017
Thumb Brace
  This is the best brace on the market. Fast shipping and great price.
  Reviewed by: from Haddon Heights, NJ. on 12/5/2016
Just ok
  Kind of disappointing. While it does somewhat limit mobility, all in all it does a poor job. With the brace on I'm still able to grasp and bend the thumb, defeating the whole purpose. If u had known this I would have gone with something different.
  Reviewed by: from Pittsburgh. on 11/11/2016
Thumb brace
  This is for my wife and she likes it better than the one she got at the doctor's office. It supports her thumb and keeps it much more stable, consequently less pain. Thank you.
  Reviewed by: from Manitowoc, WI. on 10/29/2016
Thumb Stabilizer
  Good support and great price.
  Reviewed by: from Council Bluffs, IA. on 10/5/2016
Great price
  I am very happy with the purchase of the hand brace. Good quality at a good price.
  Reviewed by: from Highland, UT. on 9/11/2016
The Best
  This brace does all that is expected! It stabilized and alleviated my pain. Thank you for living up to your reputation!
  Reviewed by: from New York. on 9/4/2016
  Really supports the thumb as indicated in the advertising.
  Reviewed by: from Half Moon Bay, CA. on 8/14/2016
  The stabilizer did not come high enough on my thumb. I was not completely satisfied.
  Reviewed by: from Longwood, FL. on 5/20/2016
Great brace for immobilization
  Had a slight thumb/wrist sprain that was giving me aches and pains when active. I've been wearing this brace for 2 weeks and pain is going away. Keeps it immobile during activity to allow me to continue to play sports.
  Reviewed by: from Ann Arbor, MI. on 5/3/2016
Great product!
  I ordered this because I jammed my thumb while playing hockey. I am recovering from a condition known as 'skiers thumb'. This product works wonderfully! It fits right into my hockey glove and it keeps my thumb from further damaging the joint. It has a very comfortable fit and it doesn't bother me at all. It fits both hands and it is treated with anti microbial stuff! I highly recommend this product.
  Reviewed by: from Ann Arbor, MI. on 4/27/2016
Works great for arthritic joint
  I have arthritis in my wrist and thumb joint and was sent to an occupational therapist to have a brace made for my hand. She showed me this brace on the internet and told me it would work as well as the one that she could make out of a plastic material and I would have more flexibility with this brace. She was right...this brace keeps me from moving my thumb joint and therefore, less pain.
  Reviewed by: from Princeton, MN. on 4/26/2016
Thumb stabilizer
  This is a very nice brace. I had one that I had been using, with my arthritis in my thumb and wrist. My problem was I couldn't keep it clean and wear it every day, so I order three more so I could have clean ones to switch to. I work outside a lot and my hands get quite dirty. This brace is very sturdy and gives excellent support. I couldn't work like I do without this brace. I use my hands and wrist every day, working with horses and cleaning chicken coops, etc. Now I can have support every day and clean the ones I'm not using and have one ready all the time. It's sure worth it to me, to have the support.
  Reviewed by: from Sebring, FL. on 4/12/2016
Thumb Stabilizer
  This is an excellent product. The price and quality cannot be beaten. Shipping was fast. It truly can work on either hand and works well. Very comfortable.
  Reviewed by: from New York. on 3/20/2016
Thumb Stabilizer
  Ordered via Checkout By Amazon - comfortable to use. Thanks!
  Reviewed by: from Washington. on 3/19/2016
Mueller Thumb Stabilizer
  Love them.
  Reviewed by: from Crete, IL. on 3/7/2016
5 Stars
  The thumb brace was exactly what I needed. It stabilizes my thumb so I don't overextend it so it can heal.
  Reviewed by: from California. on 3/4/2016
Thumb Stabilizer
  This product works great, built good, and stays on.
  Reviewed by: from Summerville, GA. on 3/2/2016
Mueller 62712
  The product works as advertised and much better than a competitive product.
  Reviewed by: from New York. on 1/29/2016
  After looking around on Amazon, going to local drug stores, looking at Futuro and other brands. I got 2 of these and they work great, exactly what I need and they look cool too. They offer great thumb and wrist support and their well made. I expect them to last for a long time. I'm very happy I got them. I highly recommend them over anything else I looked at and I saw quite a few other big name brands. I know Mueller is quality stuff and you can't beat the price point.
  Reviewed by: from New York. on 1/22/2016
Awesome results!
  I've been experiencing pain and popping in my right thumb for a few months. Dr said I have tendinitis & suggested I get a stabilizer. After hours of internet searching, I found the perfect one. My pain is all but completely gone. I highly recommend this thumb stabilizer.
  Reviewed by: from Pennsauken, NJ. on 12/4/2015
Mueller Thumb Stabilizer
  Perfect for my needs and better quality than other products I've tried and even a cheaper price.
  Reviewed by: from North Miami, FL. on 11/4/2015
Thumb Stabilizer
  It helps to stabilize my thumb and wrist while wearing it. Good product and worth the price.
  Reviewed by: from Los Angeles, CA. on 10/1/2015
  Unfortunately, there is more of a thumb brace than support. Also for some reason it accentuates my discomfort. It also covers too much of my hand. Perhaps because I have small hands. It is bulkier than it appears in the photo. Well made but the lower elastic closure is more difficult than others.
  Reviewed by: from Atlanta, GA. on 9/29/2015
Great stabilizer
  I was looking for something that would help immobilize/stabilize my arthritic thumb. This item works great - the pain stops when I put it on. I can do other things with it on as well... including knitting.
  Reviewed by: from Berkeley Springs, WV. on 9/17/2015
Good Quality
  Suffering from a sore wrist and tendon beneath my thumb, this brace helps so much at eliminating my thumb movement and allowing the tendon to heal.
  Reviewed by: from Brighton, MI. on 8/18/2015
  I am more than satisfied with the thumb stabilizer. Great quality and provides the support I need. I would highly recommend the product and company to everyone.
  Reviewed by: from Floresville, TX. on 6/15/2015
Great product
  I think this product helped to stabilize my thumb fairly well. However, I have really small hands so if it came in different sizes I think it would have worked even better.
  Reviewed by: from Portland, OR. on 4/24/2015
Mueller Thumb Brace
  Very good quality, but doesn't immobilise the thumb enough.
  Reviewed by: from Philadelphia. on 1/29/2015
Mueller Thumb Stabilizer
  I am very satisfied with this item and will pass this on to my friends.
  Reviewed by: from Colorado. on 10/3/2014
Love It!
  It works exactly as advertised. It gave immediate relief to my poor thumb and first finger. I'm not able to sleep in it (I keep catching it on blankets and it wakes me up) but I do use it driving (huge help there!) and at work.
  Reviewed by: from Central New York. on 9/27/2014
Excellent Choice
  The Mueller Thumb Stabilizer was purchased for my wife, who suffers from osteoarthritis. Her job requires her to spend hours a day keying at her desk. Her fingers and thumb are sore, swollen and stiff - the thumb being the worse. She has worn the Mueller Thumb Stabilizer for a few days now, and, it provides gentle, but firm, relief in the thumb - and related ligaments/tendons extending up her forearm. The Mueller was not the most expensive, nor, the cheapest - but it is the one that works for her.
  Reviewed by: from Inland Empire, CA. on 8/20/2014
Thumb Stabiliizer
  Very comfortable & relieves the pain & discomfort that I have from tendonitis.
  Reviewed by: from Lansing, MI. on 8/2/2014
  I have severe degenerative arthritis that is now in both thumbs and wrist. I went to an orthopedic specialist and he gave me steroid shots which were no help at all. They also charged Medicare $100 each for two thumb braces and I had to pay $23 a piece and they are nothing but pieces of Velcro. Cheap crap to put it mildly. They didn't help much. I found this Mueller Thumb Stabilizer on eBay and when I got them I was thrilled. It has helped me so much. They support my thumb and wrist and lessen the pain. I immediately ordered another one. I do not understand why doctors do not use these. 5 stars all the way for a GREAT product :) Thank you!
  Reviewed by: from Florida. on 7/17/2014
Mueller 62712 Thumb Stabilizer
  Very comfortable, especially when my hand swells; Other braces I have had constrict blood flow this one is great.
  Reviewed by: from Texas. on 4/25/2014
A Lot of Relief
  Very comfortable. I'm able to do most things with it on. Great investment.
  Reviewed by: from Philadelphia, PA. on 3/29/2014
  I am completely satisfied. The entire process from initial review to order to delivery was a pleasure. I received what I wanted and paid for.
  Reviewed by: from Austell, GA. on 1/5/2014
Mueller Thumb Stabilizer Black
  The Mueller Thumb Stabilizer is perfect for my needs. I have arthritis in my thumb and I wear it at night to protect my thumb from any movement that may have a negative effect. Very comfortable. This is the second one I have purchased. Thank you.
  Reviewed by: from Foresthill, CA. on 1/4/2014
Mueller Thumb Stabilizer
  I wear them at night it relieves the pain, but after wearing it for few hours it hurts between the thumb and the other fingers.
  Reviewed by: from Brooklyn. on 10/10/2013
Thumb Stabilizer
  Very good product quality compared to what is available in stores in Québec. The product is for my wife and she is satisfied.
  Reviewed by: from Candiac, Québec, Canada. on 6/2/2013
Excellent Thumb Stabilizer
  I would highly recommend this thumb stabilizer. It is comfortable and can be adjusted to any size. It gives the thumb support where it is vulnerable.
  Reviewed by: from Austin, TX. on 5/2/2013
Great Thumb Stabilizer
  I purchased this particular item, because I already wear Mueller Braces for Carpal Tunnel (The Mueller "Green"), so I felt that this was going to be a good product. Well, it exceeded my expectations. I really like the design. The tip of my right thumb is going numb, so I needed a brace that would keep my thumb stationary while I slept. There aren't many braces I like sleeping with, but I don't have any problems with this one. I also like the fact that it wraps around the wrist so that it's immobile to a certain degree. I like the quality of Mueller products. I would recommend this item.
  Reviewed by: from Poughkeepsie, NY. on 4/29/2013
Works Well!
  This stabilizer works very well and is a lot more effective than ones that I have received in orthopedic offices.
  Reviewed by: from Colorado. on 2/5/2013
Mueller Thumb Stabilizer
  After trying 4 different braces over the past several months, I finally found one that helps the arthritis in both my thumb and my wrist when I am on the computer. I can be on the computer for several hours now with little or no pain. I HIGHLY recommend this product.
  Reviewed by: from Milwaukie, OR. on 2/1/2013
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